Building Cultural Competence in Health and Social Services

Equity and Inclusion:

Cultural Competency in Health and Human Services

As demographics change in communities across the country, the importance of staff training to enhance patient-centered care and improve the delivery of culturally appropriate health and social services is undeniable.


Our cultural competency training will help you and your staff build awareness, knowledge, and skills in developing and implementing inclusive and responsive practices through a variety of teaching methods including direct instruction, role playing, case studies, facilitated group discussions, and technology/media.


Our programs seek to enhance:

  • understanding of one’s own culture and identity within a larger social structure

  • awareness and acknowledgment of differences and disparities

  • knowledge and skills for navigating the dynamics of difference

  • strategies for building organizational capacity to practice cultural competency


Participants in our trainings examine their own cultural and organizational values and evaluate their interpersonal strengths and weaknesses. They begin to recognize that differences in language, age, culture, income, political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity create different life experiences and challenging dimensions that impact the efficacy of our interventions and intercultural communication, despite our best intentions. And they learn personal and organizational strategies for mitigating, overcoming and learning from these challenges.


We take pride in customizing our trainings for maximum relevancy and effectiveness to meet the needs of our clients. For more details and information, contact us at or 206.860.0329 to discuss one of our offerings below.


Equity and Inclusion Training

  • Introductory Courses

If you are looking for introductory cultural competency training for your staff, CCHCP will work with you to determine the most relevant training content.

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  • Advanced Courses

If you are looking for more in-depth cultural competency training for your staff, CCHCP can provide various options.

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  • Implementing ACA with CLAS

If you are looking for cultural competency training for your in-person assisters, certified application counselors, or any staff working on outreach and enrollment for the Health Insurance Exchange, CCHCP will work with you to determine the most relevant training content.


Training of Trainers Institute

This 5-day Training of Trainers Institute (TOT) is designed to build the internal training capacity of health and human service organizations. Work with our expert trainers and professional colleagues to develop and deliver quality cultural competency education programs focused on patient-centered care and meeting CLAS/Joint Commission/NCQA standards.


Participants will receive a two-year, renewable license to provide cultural competency training on behalf of their sponsoring organization.

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Hear about the course from our October 2012 Cohort here:



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