Bridging Language and Cultural Barriers in Health Care

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What We Do

Since 1992, the Cross Cultural Health Care Program has developed effective and efficient training and consulting expertise to help with culturally competent communication and practices across cultures and languages in health care. Our classes and services are geared towards language agencies, medical interpreters, community clinics, hospitals, and other health and human services organizations. Explore our programs below:

Bridging the Gap: Medical Interpreter Training

With our widely-renowned Bridging the Gap (BTG) program, we help individuals become professionally trained in medical interpreting, with a choice of either our 40- or 64-hour programs to help qualify for state and national certification. If you are a company seeking to train BTG, we also offer a 40-hour Training of Trainers program.

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Equity & Inclusion Training and Consulting

As leaders in teaching effective cross-cultural communication we help health care organizations understand, train, and promote equitable and inclusive practices. We conduct organizational and community assessments for health care and human services organizations, cultural competency training, and a unique Training of Trainers course.

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Connecting to Care: Patient Guide

Our Connecting to Care (CTC) training helps medical interpreters expand the scope of their work, teaching participants how to help patients navigate the complex health care system with confidence. You can complete the program in just 24 hours. We also offer CTC to companies as a Training of Trainers course.

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Training of Trainers

To help multiply the results achieved by our training programs, we offer Training of Trainers courses to organizations who want to train staff to become trainers of our Bridging the Gap, Connecting to Care, or Equity and Inclusion programs. Explore our Training of Trainer options in all our programs.

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Our online store offers bilingual medical glossaries in 27 languages and several published studies on community and culture. If you are a BTG licensed agency, use your store login to order the BTG textbooks and receive 15% off all purchases.

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Why Us

Implement Proven Practices

Our programs are built on decades of experience in providing training and consulting for health and human services organizations, and medical interpreters.

Enable Stronger Patient Engagement

We help you enable stronger patient engagement as an individual seeking to develop your medical interpreter or patient navigator skills, or as an organization wanting to build your equitable and inclusive practices.

Improve Health Outcomes

We are dedicated to help health care and human services professionals build trusted relationships with their diverse clients, and among their staff, to deliver better care and improve health outcomes for all.

Become a Trainer in Your Communities

With our Training of Trainers programs, your organization can train others in your community and earn revenue as a licensed trainer of our courses.

Increase Organizational Capacity

Implement our ready-made training curricula to increase your capacity to offer culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

We Listen to Your Needs

We listen to your goals and aspirations to ensure our services are tailored to your needs.


Since 2018, AllCare has licensed the Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training Program from CCHCP to train medical interpreters in southern Oregon. In the aftermath of the wildfires that hit southern Oregon in 2020, these interpreters were critical in providing Culturally Appropriate services between service providers and evacuees. Southern Oregon is on a better path to recovery for our diverse communities, because of your organization.

Stick Crosby

Director Network and Health Equity

AllCare Health

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