Over Twenty-Five Years of Training Language Access Professionals

Bridging the Gap Training Program

Bridging the Gap is a renowned pioneer in the field of medical interpreter training. For over 25 years, Bridging the Gap has been preparing bilingual individuals to work as effective, competent, and professional medical interpreters. The training covers essential topics, such as interpreter roles and ethics, interpreting skills, medical terminology, the impact of culture, and an overview of the health care system. To support the professional development and training of both interpreters and interpreter-trainers, CCHCP currently provides the following courses:


Bridging the Gap for Medical Interpreters:

This foundation course prepares bilingual individuals to work as medical interpreters in a variety of health care settings.

Learn more about Bridging the Gap for Medical Interpreters

Bridging the Gap Training of Trainers Course:

This course licenses and prepares trainers to offer the Bridging the Gap training in their own organizations.

Learn more about the Bridging the Gap Training of Trainers Course

Connecting To Care: Patient Guides Training

For experienced medical interpreters who have already completed the 40-hour BTG training and are looking to take the next step in their career, please see our Connecting to Care Patient Guide training program.

Learn more about the Connecting To Care: Patient Guides Training


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“The Delaware Division of Public Health offers the Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter program each year through the Cross Cultural Health Care Program. Our aim is to establish an effective interpreter corps that can be deployed during an emergency or disaster event. In these circumstances, it is crucial that Public Health be able to communicate effectively with Delawareans and the quality of our services may depend as much on the interpreter as the service we provide.”

Ronniere Robinson
Delaware Division of Public Health
Office of Minority Health

“I wanted to thank you for that fantastic training! I enjoyed it very much and feel like I learned more in five days than in some of the courses I took in college. You really did an excellent job. I will spread the word about your program to everyone I talk to who is interested in interpreting. The medical glossary is better than any other medical Spanish book I have, and I am so glad to have it.”

Bridging the Gap Student Alumni


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