CCHCP Publishes Ukrainian Medical Glossary

The Cross Cultural Health Care Program (CCHCP) has published a bilingual English Ukrainian medical glossary, making it the 28th language available in CCHCP’s catalog of medical glossaries. This glossary comes in response to Ukrainian refugees arriving in the U.S. and a growing need for resources available in Ukrainian. Medical providers, interpreters, and other health care professionals will find this resource helpful when working with Ukrainian-speaking patients who have limited English proficiency.

Research has shown that the challenges experienced by people with limited English proficiency negatively affects the quality of care they receive and can lead to poor health outcomes. But when patients have a medical interpreter present who speak their language and can facilitate communication between the patient and provider, they have a more satisfactory experience with the health care they receive and there are fewer miscommunications regarding their treatment. This allows patients to have a better understanding of their care and can make more informed decisions.

The English-Ukrainian medical glossary contains over 2,600 words and definitions and is available for purchase on our online store for $33.

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