About the Workshops

Our Equity & Inclusion team is launching several new workshop series. The first workshop will be on Transforming Team Collaboration. During this workshop, team leaders, managers, directors, and/or supervisors in the health care and human services sectors will learn how to use proven tools to create strong team alignment and shared purpose and accountability while cultivating trust and continuous learning. This is a highly interactive workshop that takes place over a series of four 4-hour sessions. Please see below for more information about this workshop and how to register for it.

What You Learn

By participating in the Transforming Team Collaboration workshop you will learn how to apply several proven tools to support an inclusive, respectful, and productive team culture. Through a blend of expert instruction, interactive role-playing activities, and group discussions, you will acquire the mindsets, skills, and tools needed to transform the way your teams work together. You will be equipped to cultivate the conditions for effective and resilient teamwork that drives positive outcomes for the populations you serve.

Join us for this transformative learning experience and take your team collaboration to the next level!

Who Should Participate

Human Resources Professionals

Organizational Team Leaders in Health Care and Human Services

DEIB Leaders

Transforming Team Collaboration

This immersive four-session workshop series is designed for team leaders, project managers, and members in health care and human services who want to enhance their collaborative skills and foster a productive, respectful, and psychologically safe work environment. Participants will gain expertise in using several tools such as the Team Alignment Map (TAM) for planning and assessment, learn to establish effective Team Contracts, and practice a proven methodology to question beliefs and stereotypes that may lead to miscommunication.

The series also covers the importance of respect and appreciation in team settings, introducing the Respect Card as a tool for promoting a secure team atmosphere. Participants will learn strategies for constructive conflict resolution to ensure a healthy team environment.

Over the course of four (4) sessions participants will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the Team Alignment Map (TAM) and its application in planning and assessment modes.
  • Learn the steps to establish an effective Team Contract and engage in role-playing activities to draft and negotiate a Team Contract.
  • Explore the role of the Fact Finder in questioning beliefs and stereotypes, and practice effective questioning techniques through engaging scenarios.
  • Understand the importance of respect and appreciation in team settings, and learn guidelines for using the Respect Card to promote a secure team atmosphere.
  • Acquire strategies for constructive conflict resolution using the Nonviolent Request Guide, and apply these strategies in simulated conflict scenarios.
  • Engage in group discussions on creating an equitable environment for team learning, the impact of sincere curiosity on trust, and maintaining a healthy team environment through constructive conflict resolution.
  • Develop a personalized action plan for implementing these strategies in their unique team contexts

Transforming Team Collaboration – July 2024

Jul 23 - Aug 1, 2024
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM PACIFIC TIME

Online via Zoom
July 23, 25, 30, & August 1, 2024
Cost: $600

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