Educational Resources: The World At Your Fingertips

About our Publications

During its 27 years as a leader in training multicultural health and human services professionals, The Cross Cultural Health Care Program has one of the richest catalogs of publications of its kind, including:

  • Bilingual Medical Glossaries in 27 languages

  • State of the art specialized books on cross cultural health and health disparities

  • Articles (Available for download)

  • Guide to Common Medications

  • Mental Health Glossary – English

  • Bilingual Mental Health Glossary – English-Spanish

  • Our DVD – Communicating Effectively through an Interpreter

  • Curricular materials for our trainings

We are committed to continually updating our publications and creating new resources for you.  If you have ideas for how we can expand our offerings, we welcome your feedback!

To learn more or to place an order for our publications, please visit our online store!