Promoting Meaningful Access Through Education

Resource Guides

Welcome to the CCHCP Resource Guides!

Since the range of materials available to researchers interested in these topics is so broad, we have identified key websites, organizations, listservs, and other information sources that offer the best information to users who are new to these topics or who have deep experience within these fields.

Cultural Competence

Interacting effectively and openly with people of different cultures.

Glossary of Terms

Commonly-used terms and their definitions. (A downloadable PDF).

Health Disparities

Research and resources that address the differences in health quality and access associated with patient race, ethnicity, income, education, and place of residence.

Language Access

Materials related to interpreter training and resources, as well as medical and health care materials in other languages.

Medical Interpreter Services

Information on interpreter and translator services and training. This includes standards of practice, ethics, competency testing, and role definition.

What is CLAS? What is Joint Commision?

Links to the CLAS standards, Joint Commission resources, journals, and listservs.

CCHCP Community Research Programs

Are you interested in starting a research program in your community? Check out CCHCP’s list of past research projects and then contact us – we’d love to collaborate with you and support your work!