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Connecting to Care TM: Patient Guides Training Program

Connecting to Care was created for experienced medical interpreters to enhance their daily work with patients and the entire treatment team. This advanced 3-day course expands the interpreter’s knowledge and skills to include advanced cultural and health care system competence, patient education, and advanced ethics.


Patient guides increase health outcomes for patients while reducing costs to hospitals.


Connecting to Care is the first workforce development program of its kind to give medical interpreters additional skills to become patient navigators inside the health care facilities where they work.


Connecting to Care: Patient Guide Training

This professional development course prepares medical interpreters to work as patient guides inside health care facilities. Health care facilities can arrange an on-site training or send their staff to attend an open enrollment course in Seattle. Learn more about Connecting to Care: Patient Guides Training Program

Connecting to Care: Training of Trainers Course

This course licenses and prepares trainers to offer the Connecting to Care training in their own organizations. Learn more about the Connecting to Care: Training of Trainers Course

Testimonials From Student Alumni

“This training will equip you with a solid tool kit to approach community members and empower them to seek care so that they may live happier and healthier lives.”

“Fabulous training. The techniques can be applied immediately at work.”

“Thank you instructor! Life changing experience.


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