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Equity and Inclusion- An Introduction

This course is usually two to four (2-4) hours long; content and instructional methods can be modified based on the unique needs of your organization.


Training topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Why They Matter

  • Fundamentals of Cultural Competency

  • Health Disparities in Under-Served Communities and the Newly-Insured

  • Increasing Awareness of Unconscious Personal and Organizational Bias

  • The Impact of Culture on Communication

  • Low Health Literacy Strategies

  • Strategies for Resolving “Cultural Bumps” and Cross Cultural Conflicts

     “Great training. It was different than all others [I have] been to before and it was a great perspective on how to view what cultural competency is.”

                                           — Aging and Disability Services Administration participant, Seattle, WA


Contact us today to discuss your specific training objectives and how we can deliver the most relevant workshop for your staff.


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